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There’s a tremendous load of info out there. If you really want to find specific answers to your questions, the best way to do it is to find that info yourself. Searching for yourself will help you know a lot more, will help you gain confidence, will help you pass all the stages needed to fully understand how to treat your situation. Don’t, by any means, take  word by word what anyone says. Each and everyone of us is unique, each and everyone of us has its own specific situation.

A lot of people who have went through rough times (if not all) try to give a lot of advices to people that are at the beginning of their journey. I will also share some of my thoughts, some of the things that I would have wanted to know a long time ago, but it took years of pain and suffering to find out most of them. By this, I’m not telling you do this, or do that, I want to give you a heads up on some things you might not know. Each and every one of you, who reads my pages, can choose how much to get out of this. Maybe you’ve heard about a lot of things I will talk about, they are mostly general things, but they’re all worth mentioning. So, here I go.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, and ended up here by “accident”, not because you’re looking for a cure for you or a loved one, I would say congratulations, enjoy your health, BUT don’t take it for granted.

We are more than we can see. Much more. And it’s very important that we realize how complex we are, how complex is our body, how complex is our mind and the way they interact. This is what we should focus on when starting the process of rediscovering (and especially healing) ourselfs. The most important word for all of us should be RESPECT. Respect to everything that we are. Respect to our body – which helps us be in this world every day, respect to our mind – which is the most important instrument and respect to our soul – which guides us through and marks our experience in this life.

We all know what modern times mean and all the damage this brings to us and our bodies. What we are not aware of though is the degree to which this happens. And our bodies are more and more affected by this, even if we don’t know it yet. And right now (not tomorrow, or next week, or next month, but today) is the time we should start having a much more balanced life (I’ll detail below what are my thoughts on this). Of course one might say: “I am healthy. No problems. Why should I change anything about that”. Well, because you can never be too healthy (in the conditions we’re living), you can never know that you’re 100% healthy (we might carry diseases without having any symptoms for years) and (as in my case) you never know what might happen to overwhelm your immune system(which will lead to a disease). Let me tell you that mine was great (I can say it still is – doctors are still amazed how fast I recover from surgeries, after all there years). Until 22, when I was diagnosed with chordoma, I hardly can think of having any disease, maybe some minor colds; any (physical) wound would heal very fast, etc. So, my immune system was doing a great job. But still, it couldn’t prevent the cancer for growing. A very hard hit one year before I was diagnosed seems to have unbalanced my immune system and there’s were it all started (find more about this here).

The human body is designed to be self-sustaining and to be able to repair itself. He has a perfect mechanism that can solve any problem which arises from inside, as long as its operating conditions are met. Cancer cells arise daily in our body, but they can be quickly detected and destroyed. A malignant proliferation, namely cancer, it means that all this mechanism does not work as it should. An unhealthy lifestyle is usually responsible for this situation. We should stop right now and no longer sabotage its activity, but to provide optimal working conditions again. Even if disturbances occur in its proper functioning, it can regenerate and work again without anymore failures. Health can be, thus, restored naturally, in full accordance with the plans of  our Creator.

Getting back to the “balanced life” idea, here are some suggestions on how to do that:

  • clear you emotions, relax, try to get anything that upsets you, out of your way; be at peace with your thoughts, friends, family;
  • read, read and read some more. Try to understand as much as you can about how (your) body is built and how (your) immune system works and then boost it up the most you can

Let me share some links you might find useful:

I’m not saying these are the best, but this is what I liked most among the documentaries I watched. In my opinion, they are a good way to start. Also, search for videos of Neale Donald Walsch. You might find them useful as well.

Now, if you are looking for a deeper approach to this, if you are looking for a cancer cure in specific (or even other diseases) please read my post on Why we should never be afraid of cancer (or any other disease for that matter).

DISCLAIMER: This page and all material on this site is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended for treatment or a cure for any disease or condition.