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This is how 1 ordinary day looks like for me (and usually for anyone who is trying to change their lifestyle significantly). This can vary from one person to another, each and everyone of us chooses what kind of diet to follow, what kind of things they want to focus on. What all these lifestyles have in common is that they all are very strict and rigorous. So, this is it:

7:30 – 5 small tablets of a homeopath product need to be put under my tongue (this is for the hard hit to my head, the thing that most of us agree started the cancer). I cannot eat or drink anything 30-40 minutes before and 30-40 minutes after;

8:15 – chlorophyll juice: one cup of parsley leafs (which represents ¾ of the mixture) anything green (I use spinach) for the other ¼. 300ml natural water and are all blended for about a minute then you drink the juice (without the remnants). This is to oxygenate the body. It is well known the fact that cancer cannot live in a well oxygenated environment. I usually drink my morning medication and supplements with this drink. By this, I mean: about 3 kinds of pills – to eliminate the side effects of the pain killer I’m taking, around 5 (pills of) natural supplements known to boost the immune system and fight cancer – Aloe Vera, Omega-3 etc., 1 Tbls of a honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis mixture; 6-8 apricot kernels (the best source of Vitamin B17, which is said to have an important role in fighting cancer), and finally 1 Tbls of a powder mixture for boosting the immune system and known to be fighting tumors as well (this is how my breakfast looks like).

9:00 – coffee enema – this is a very important step in every detoxification diet

9:30 – apply cabbage leaves on the area where the tumor is (around the neck in my case). They need to stay there for 2 hours.

11:45 – start drinking morning juice (a mixture of carrot/cabbage/beets fresh made juice) 250ml

13:15 – homeopath tablets

14:00 – eat lunch (which is usually a fresh vegetable salad)

15:00 – take afternoon medication and supplements

15:15 – start drinking afternoon juice (same mixture and quantity)

16:00 – protein mixture – I need to have some proteins as well: 2 Tbls of germinated wheat seeds, 1 Tbls nuts, 1/2 banana, 1/2 Tbls honey and 150ml (6Oz) water are blended for about 2-3 minutes.

18:00 – soup (mostly cream soup), which should be cooked the less possible, if not at all (high temperatures kill the enzymes, which are critical)

18:15 – apply clay mixture (or cabbage leaves) around my neck

20:30 – start drinking evening juice (same mixture and quantity)

21:00 – take evening medication and supplements

Besides these, I also have a few grams of sweet wood powder like 5 time/day. This is a natural cortisone – I need this in order to lower as much as I can the dose of the pain killer. In between the above hours, I drink different types of tea, and when there’s nothing I need to take care of, I try to relax as much as I can but most of the time this happens in front of my computer, searching the internet for all sort of things (I still need to know a lot of stuff in order to fight this cancer). Also, I’m waiting for spring to come, to get out in the sun as much possible. I can still think about some spare time for my own, because my mom and grandma are doing most of (if not all) the job for me. It takes a lot of time and effort to commit to such a diet, to prepare all the thinks you need to eat/drink. If it wouldn’t be for them, I would definitely not be able to stay on this diet. I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m just giving you a heads up.

Please don’t, by any means, consider having the same diet (food, medication and supplements) as I do. Before considering anything do a throughout research on your own and also talk to the doctor (person) guiding you – of course you need someone with experience to guide you through your healing process (protocol).

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